SoZo Life – Comprehensive Overview And Review

Whenever I review a company I look at 3 factors that make a big difference in my success as an independent distributor and the long-term viability (going concern) of the business to ensure I’m building a legacy wealth that will stand the test of time.  These are the parameters I use for SoZo Life review.

SoZo Life Corporate management

Everybody knows a company is only as strong as its corporate leader.  I believe this is where SoZo Life stands apart.  If you look around other network marketing companies out there, it’s almost a guarantee that you will find dirt on the CEO.  There are CEOs who ran their previous company to the ground, have prior legal issues, etc, etc.  If you look at the CEO of SoZo Life, you will find praises from high caliber publications.  Here’s a task for you, Google Mark Adams SoZo Life and tell me the results you find.  The second result is an executive profile by Forbes.

mark adams sozo lifeSoZo is led by CEO Mark Adams who is the 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient. He has been part of outstanding success by managing $200 million global manufacturing & distribution businesses for Fortune 100 Companies. Mark is an experienced entrepreneur with six successful prior business start-ups, all of which remain in business today.

Prior to running SoZo Mark Adams was the founder and the CEO of Advocate MD, the largest medical liability insurance company in Texas.  He was offered a buyout for hundreds of millions of dollars, but turned it down because he made a commitment to his employee that they will not be terminated in the transition.

This is the type of individual I can trust to run the corporate side of the business.

In addition, SoZo Life is a member of Direct Selling Association.  There are only 200 companies qualified to be a part of DSA out of thousands of network marketing companies in the United States.  Members of DSA abide by its code of conducts to ensure ethical, legal business practice.

dsa member sozo life

Uniqueness of the product

SoZo Life sells a range of nutritional beverages with coffee berry.  SoZo life had bought the exclusive rights to use coffee berry in its products.  Coffee berry is the highest rated antioxidant fruit on the planet, but until now had been treated as discard on the farm because of the perishable nature of the fruit.  Coffee berry has ORAC value 600 times that of blue berries.  Fruits with high ORAC antioxidant values have healthful qualities and rid the body of toxins.

orac value sozo life

More on coffee berry CLICK HERE

SoZo Life and its manufacturing partner have developed a way to preserve the nutritional qualities of this delicate fruit and infuse it in its product line.  For example, A double-blind study conducted recently shows SoZo’s functional beverage reduces inflammatory markers by 40% in a double blind study.

More on SoZo’s product line click on the photo:

sozo life products


Unique Selling Proposition

The 3rd factor I use to determine my chance of success with a company is the marketing team I will be part of once I join under a leader.  This is different than the marketing the corporate company provides to you.  Most people new to the industry overlook this factor, but it can make or break your career in network marketing even before you get started.
terry mcewen sozo lifeMy organization is part of Team One Power Play (TOPP).  We are run by Amway legend Terry McEwen.  Terry McEwen had a million downline when he was actively building Amway back in the 90s.  He has been retired for many years until SoZo Life reached out to him for this opportunity.  We teach you traditional marketing and building strategies that has been proven to work and 100 % duplicable.

roger langille sozo lifeAnother leader within TOPP is Roger Langille.  He approaches the network marketing business in a different angle.  He’s been eBay Platinum Poweseller doing $1.2M in revenue a year drop shipping products.  He started his network marketing career with Visalus and became companywide top recruiter within 6 months of joining.  Roger builds entirely online and his downline are taught how to replicate his system to get automated sign up just like how he’s doing it.

Jim Chao sozo lifeMy brother is also another leader in TOPP, he climbed to the top of his previous company as number 3 earner company wide.  He was one of the first people Roger spoke with in building SoZo.  He’s building it underground at this point, but already hit the 5 figure a month mark, a month and a half in, without tapping into his marketing list.

Obviously, if you’re going to join SoZo Life with Team One Power Play, you would want to join under one of these guys, right?  That’s a great plan if you’re already a huge producer and needs little guidance.  If you’re newer to the scene and have not hit 6 figures a year, you’ll need more personal support that leaders just couldn’t afford to give you at this point.

I’m dedicated to coach and share my knowledge with a small group of like minded, motivated entrepreneurs.  For those in my inner circle, I will share with you:

  • The high conversion marketing funnel that generated 3,659 leads for my team in a single day!
  • Where I get automatic signup into the marketing funnel for as little as $1 a sign up.
  • How you can have your SoZo leads pay for your marketing and automate your sales process for free.
  • Insider information on marketing campaigns that’s converting so you can implement it before others know what’s up.
  • Access to exclusive TOPP team training and resources.

If you decide that SoZo and TOPP Team is a good fit for you, click on the picture below and fill out the application questionnaire.  I will contact you shortly.

Sozo Life banner


Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions regarding SoZo, TOPP Team, or the marketing funnel we are running to drive traffic.  My contact info is in my Contact David page.

Look forward to connect with you.

Dave The Marketer

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